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Revolution Chicago 2.0

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The Making of RC

Be on the lookout for the making of Revolution Chicago.   A made for Television Production

Mickey Oliver :                 Producer | Playwright | Music Score       

Ernalyn Regundique:       Choreographer

Lidell Townsell  /             

Mickey Oliver                   Music Score


  Revolution Chicago 



Back in the early 80’s Chicago was divided.  The Latino community's music of choice was their ethnic brand, while the African American community would listen to Motown and R&B, the Philippine contingents to their ethnic music and the white crowd to Rock and Roll and Country.  

Along came Lee Michaels, a Program director who was hired at Chicago radio station WBMX.  Lee inherited the worst rated ratings, the lowest budget and a poor signal to boot.  There annual budget didn’t even equal the top radio Jock’s salary of the top radio station in Chicago.  What happened was what many refer to as a modern day miracle.  

Lee had a vision to bring the art of a DJ’s turntable skills and his music to radio.  Well crazy as it seems, he chose the 5 best DJs in the Chicago metro market, named them the Hot Mix 5, and soon they became legends in radio.  He named Mickey Oliver as the team’s President who was customizing his music sets with artful editing that shaped what a DJ’s skill set is today.   He created a unique energy to his mixes by unconventional standards that were known the time by layering different songs, incorporating tape loops of bits of songs & vocal loops and even had comedy acts doing their bits to instrumentals.  Mickey was mashing up all sorts of media with amazing creativity.  

 By utilizing Drum machines and sequencers the Hot Mix 5 along with Chicago producers created a new Dance Beat the world would call House Music.  How does a genre of music sweep the world without the Internet?   Well, together with their turntable skills and this new sound, their show grew into legendary status and soon House Music became a worldwide lifestyle.    

Almost overnight nationalities of all races were brought together dancing in universal harmony.   Arguably Chicago, America’s most divided city now became unified under House Music by the performances of Mickey Oliver and the Hot Mix 5.  The white, Filipino, African American and Latino communities all gravitated to the Hot Mix 5 show.   In a short time BMX became the #1 rated radio station in Chicago and garnished an amazing 2 million listeners, a record that still holds today.   The London Observer named Mickey and the Hot Mix 5, one of the top 10 most influential radio DJs of all time. Shrines in Mickey’s name are in the UK, Philippines and France just to name a few.  

Revolution Chicago
is the story of how a modern genre of music, “House Music” brought the Black, white, Latino & Filipino communities together into universal harmony.   Their ethnic cultures and rituals are on display in this Musical and how House Music became incorporated into their culture and daily lives.  Today the biggest DJ names are a by-product of Mickey Oliver and the Hot Mix 5 .  

Revolution Chicago is a lighthearted story that brings a comical twist into this amazing story of that will delight theatergoers of many paths in life.   

Playwright Silas Signatur, “Revolution Chicago is a dynamic story that will entertain the audience to the fullest, touching on many emotions, all while witnessing the journey of a modern genre of music coming into its own.  Producer Mickey Oliver, described as a modern day Jack Benny, is clever, witty, and as cheap as it gets.  Different nationalities' rituals are on display as House Music adds a new vibe to their cultures.

A must see!” 5 Stars