Revolution Chicago is a multi faceted story line with sub plots all interwoven into each other bringing out the element of surprise every step of the way.  Comedy, Drama, suspense, intrigue are all emotions that come together with Mickey Oliver’s first hand account of how House Music became a genre of Music and thus now a world wide lifestyle.  Mickey’s forthcoming Musical portrays the trials and tribulations that he went through on how this genre of music became to be.  The magic of a miracle in the making is set to begin in “Revolution Chicago.”

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About the Musical


Starting out on the Legendary Chicago Radio station WBMX, Mickey became known for his incredible mixes, as he introduced the art of the edit into his mixes.  He became one of the center pieces of when House Music became a genre of music.  From there Mickey had countless songs and productions that charted Billboard, performing at Planet Hollywood in his show Intensi-T, produced and starred in a national TV series called Intensi-T TV, named as a grammy semi finalist in 2012 and is now back in Chicago producing his brand new Musical which is a personalized take on how House Music began.



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